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Our corporate Precepts are our guiding light and we take them very seriously. That is due to the fact that we understand the trust you have placed in Chicago Title to service your transactions from beginning to end in the most professional manner possible.

Guided by the most stringent professional and ethical principles in the industry.



Provide employees with levels of authority based on their responsibilities, then empower them to make decisions and resolve problems as close as possible to the point of client contact.

Autonomy and Entrepreneurship:

Offer clients meaningful, customized products and services, the expertise and passion for finding solutions to customers’ problems, and the desire to establish long-term business relationships based on a mutual exchange of value.

Customer-Oriented and Motivated:

Analyze tasks, reach decisions and implement solutions as soon as possible. Challenge all assumptions and strive continuously for improvement. Be accessible, responsible and decisive. Take ownership of all problems and accept all challenges.

Bias For Action:

Minimize Bureaucracy:

Maintain a lean management structure in which performance, productivity and problem resolution are the priorities, as well as the basis, for success and achievement.

Employee Ownership:

Encourage employee ownership of company stock to strengthen employee commitment and ensure a common purpose among shareholders, management and employees.

Highest Standard of Conduct:

Adhere to all related laws, regulations and principles of conduct to protect the public’s trust, ensure conscientious performance and preserve the Company’s legacy of honesty and strong ethical standards.

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